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Welcome to My Journal

Hello and welcome to a little journal of mine. Here I will share anything that's on my mind. This journal is open for public, you can access anything here, since I've got nothing much, ehehhehee...... But I will write mainly about my interests and any stuffs that related to them. So if we share one or two or three or all interests there, just invite me to be your friends. I won't bite, promise. I would love to talk about our common interests and let's see if we could get along together.

Jya ne......

Credit to: jecca-o9 for my kakkoi yamapi avatar

Fanfic: A Parallel World (Maki version)

It's been a while since I posted my last entry. I was so busy, I haven't got the chance to sit and write another Yamaki story.
Gaaah, Yamapi's new drama is already confirmed. Yay to seeing Pi acts again, nay to seeing him acting with his (rumoured) ex!!!
My Yamaki mood is getting very low now, but thanks to the fantastic Yamaki writers in winglin.net, I am able to keep it up again. Thanks soooo much girls, you really gave me a new spirit.
Oh, and don't forget the great Yamaki lovers in Yamaki forum. They are really true Yamaki fans, I'm proud to be a part of them. Keep the spirit up, ne girls (and guys, if any)? Ganbatte.... Don't forget to vote for Maki, OK? :D

Enough babbling, get to the main point!!!
I've started to write this one a long time ago, but stupid writer's block attacked me. I was planning to write this in Maki and Yamapi versions. Please pray that I have a mood boost to write the Yamapi part kekekekkkkeekke................ I barely finished this Maki version, but since I'm not a quitter, I forced myself to finish it. So, I really really really apologize for making this lame story. A totally wholely cheesy story.

This one is about another parallel world in our real world. What if Yamaki never meet for the first time in Nobuta wo Produce? Will there even be a Yamaki word? Have you ever wondered, how another Yamapi and Maki meet, when destiny has brought them together? OK, I'm babbling again. The point is, they are so meant to be together that they would meet in any possible ways. So sweet~~~~

I hope you enjoy reading this one. Don't brick me if you hate it. LOL. Read at your own risk, people!!

Rating: G
Word count: 2687

YEP!!Collapse )

Fanfic: Don't Play With His Pride

Ok, it's my next FF about YamaKi. This time it's about their real life. I got the inspiration after rewatching Kurosagi Movie Promo Interview, the one where Maki said Yamapi should dress up as a girl gem42.gif It's my favorite part. Hope you like it.
Rating: PG-13 (for some sensual moments and some swearing)

So you're really want to read it?Collapse )

Fanfic: Blame It on the Firecrackers

Thought I'll try to post my first ever fanfic here. I also post it in Yamaki forum. Please visit it, it's a great place to share our love of this Yamapi-Horikita Maki, the OTP.  It's about TsuKuro (from Kurosagi drama series), there's something about this pair that's just keep my mind busy, imagining other, more suitable story lines for them. Hello Kurosagi's script writer, this is what Kurosagi's story line should be :D. Enjoy!
Rating: PG
Word Count: 756
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the fanfic itself

So blame it!Collapse )

NEWS New Album-Color

YAY~~~ Finally a new album of NEWS is out! It contains 15 songs, some are new and
some are old. The old songs are Weeeek, Summertime, Snow Express (I love this song, great choreography too!), Taiyou no Namida, Happy Birthday, and Towairo no Koi (easy listening song). If you want to download it, go to Ran's Blog NEWS-Color page. Yeah, I know, I should support them by purchasing the album. But, T_T please forgive me, my budget is very very limited. A $30 album+shipping cost while $ currency rate in my country is very high right now is really out of the question. But I did bought their Never Ending Wonderful Story concert, even without English subs! So perhaps I will buy their next concert for this album. I must start to save money from now on.
Meanwhile, let's get used to their new songs, ne..... Enjoy.
Lately I'm addicted to watch streaming videos and save them for later view. I begin searching for some tools to download streaming videos, and here are some of them that I find very good.

So what are they?Collapse )

Code Blue : Doctor Heli

OK. I've just finished watching Yamapi's new drama, Code Blue. First impression about Yamapi's hair: HATE it! LOL. But after I spent some time watching it, I'm beginning to accept his hair as a part of his metamorphosis. One day, I'm gonna look at his photos and think "Hey, this is Yamapi in (insert a drama title here)". Every haircut has its own drama history and shows Pi's transformation to adulthood.
Overall, this drama is not disappointing. You can read its synopsis in Ran's Blog or if you prefer the Indonesian review, go to my wordpress blog. I find the storyline is more human and realistic than Iryu:Team Medical Dragon's. All senior actors and actress, especially my favorite Yanagiba Toshiro, acted brilliantly. While the young ones, well, let's just say that they have tried their best. Yamapi should really work on his emotionless facial expression. I know he's trying to act as a cold doctor, but cold isn't the same as emotionless. There's so much gestures to show that you're a cold person rather than just playing with your fingers and stare at them! Hahaha....sorry, I just can't help to say it! Among the other three interns, I like Dr. Fujikawa's character the most. As the underdog doctor, his struggle to go up in the helicopter was really something. I even almost shed a tear when finally he was able to go in the helicopter in the last few episodes. Another almost tearjerker scene was when Dr. Kuroda lost his arm due to Shiraishi's carelessness. Ugh, wasn't it just enough that she had a romantic interest towards Aizawa? Warning: This is just my crazy opinion, though.
Despite all of that, apparently the rating is pretty good. We'll be expecting a Special episode next year. Hopefully, the SP will give us more on the other sides of those doctors, beside their routine tasks curing people. A little bit personal life, perhaps?